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LED trailer &
Full service for LED screens

LED Screen by James Solutions.

We bring LED.And more.

Take your event to the next level with our LED trailer!

Our LED pendant has powerful modules that allow you to experience a bright and clear image.

In addition, the LED trailer is easy and quick to install at your event. All we need is a stable base, electricity and an image source.

We have 2 of the 7 m² LED trailers below available. We also have an 11.5 m² LED trailer.

You are welcome to contact us using the button below to request a non-binding offer.

7 m²


- Screen size: 3500 mm x 2000mm
- High performance black LED
- Pixel pitch P3.9
- Infinitely adjustable in height
- 360° rotatable
- Signal: HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI,
- Power connection: CEE16

Mega screeen7jpg_edited.jpg

FULL SERVICE for LED screens

We can LED.And more.

Impress your visitors with a high-quality LED screen!

Whether for advertisements, animations or as a live transmission; an LED screen offers you a unique and effective opportunity for an unforgettable event.

The LED screens are equipped with the latest technologies and offer high-resolution image quality, even under difficult conditions. We offer you the possibility to configure your screen individually so that it corresponds to your ideas.

Our experienced team offers you an all-round service in the field of LEDs. From planning to implementation, we are at your side. Whether a single display or a large LED screen - we offer you the know-how and experience to turn your visions into reality.

Contact us with the button below so that we can realize your vision together.


We take over the LED planning of your event for you.


Transport, assembly and commissioning are taken care of by our technicians.


The maintenance of the LED screen is also guaranteed during your event.

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