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Event Support by James Solutions.

As an innovative service provider for conference, streaming and event technology, we always focus on the needs of customers and guests. We place great value on discretion, professionalism, smooth processes and the highest level of customer satisfaction. When planning events, we count on our large pool of experience from numerous events in a wide variety of venues.


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Head of Event Support

Benjamin Knaus

Event technology.

We are your specialist for the technical planning and implementation of events, e.g. at conferences, live streams, concerts and the operation of LED walls. This includes construction and dismantling, the operational area, system technology, logistics as well as technical support during production.

Event design.

Successful event design is art - it changes the mood and atmosphere of an event location and supports the audience's experience. Our specialists create and coordinate the decor, style and aesthetics of your event. Our event planning forms the logistical framework, while event design brings your creative vision to life.

Event engineering.

As a full-service production company, we offer customer-specific project planning, tailor-made hardware and software as well as high-quality audio-visual solutions for corporate and marketing events.

Venue Solutions.

Every location brings new challenges we love to solve- from equipment delivery to power supply, the storage of empties or the narrowest possible construction methods in order to offer more space for the public. In addition, we prepare technical plans for new venues and renovations.

James Solutions AG | Event Support

James Solutions AG | Event Support

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  • live streaming & Vlogging - online videos with James Solutions AG.
    Vlog - online conference - live stream - podcast - and much more.​ You would like to make your company event accessible to business partners or branch offices? Are you a vlogger and want to produce a series for YouTube? Are you a music or yoga teacher and would like to produce an online course for your students? We help you to create a broadcast format that is pre-produced in one go and then broadcast over a longer period of time. Contact us without obligation to get to know each other - we are here for you!
  • Business films - video production for companies and SMEs.
    Employer branding - corporate film - company film - image film - training video - recruiting film - conference videos - project documentation - company report - coaching videos - and much more. Are you looking for a reliable partner to present your company, a project or your team in image and sound? From internal training videos to image films to live streams of your company event, we offer a wide portfolio of ideas and technical options. Do not hesitate and get in touch for an initial discussion without obligation!
  • Advertising films - video production of advertising clips for YouTube advertising, TV and online marketing."
    Advertising films - video production of advertising clips for YouTube advertising, TV and online marketing - YouTube advertising - product advertising - television advertising - product video - explanatory film - doodles - advertising clips - product presentations - tutorials - unboxing - and much more. With creative, individual advertising, companies, artists and organizers can draw attention to your product or event. James Solutions supports you in brainstorming, implementation and presentation of your advertising film. Our video production is at your disposal - register now!
  • Creative Content - video production of promotional clips & Music Videos [PV's].
    Music video - performance - art - theater film - comedy specials - stage movie - and much more. We enhance your performance by using the latest camera technology and lighting to present it in a higher quality than can be shown in the recording of the performance. For your music video, for example, we support you in the conception: from the script to color schemes to location scouting, we are at your side and produce appropriate beauty shots for your project.
  • Event films - video production of event films & cultural appointments, including live streaming."
    Vernissage - company event - sports event - wedding - club videos - Guggen music - family celebrations - performances of all kinds - anniversary - and much more. Are you hosting a one-off or recurring event? With video reports from James Solutions, you can capture what is happening and the feeling of your event and, thanks to our technology, you can stream it all over the world!
  • Documentaries and cinema formats - film production with James Solutions AG.
    Documentation - short film - travel report - cinema formats - and much more. Are you planning a film in cinema format, are you about to finalize it, or do you have a finished product? James Solutions will help you bring the film to theaters from idea to finished product! With our expertise and contacts to theatrical distributors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, we make your film accessible to viewers throughout the German-speaking area and beyond.
  • General advice and coaching in audio and video production.
    Rely on our know-how in film and video production: We offer assistance with pre- and post-production: from planning to subsequent soundtrack, cutting work and release. We can recycle your existing material: Have you been recording great footage for years or do you finally want to send the wedding video you shot yourself to relatives? We'll help you finish and publish your own project! We will help you to find film festivals and sponsors and also support you in planning and marketing your own film projects. With James Solutions AG you have the right solution from a single source!
  • James Solutions AG media production - what added value do we offer?
    We are responding to the need of companies to have their corporate identity reflected in their corporate design by building up the complete internal and external company communication in a uniform way. Both in terms of corporate philosophy and in terms of form, image, color and typography, every employee knows what makes the company stand out - and can easily communicate this to the outside world and thus represent the company appropriately. If your company does not yet have an overall concept for corporate communication, get in touch! Together with our team, we are happy to develop a clear concept so that you convey a clear design to the outside and inside - from e-mails to social media content to events and trade fair appearances.
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